Registering with GC-ARPSC
  1. Volunteers of GC-ARPSC consist of the following classifications:
  2. GC-ARPSC is 100% donation supported. A donation would help offset operating cost and help finance the GC-ARPSC mission.
  3. If interested or renewing registration, please fill out the following form and turn it into the Secretary – Membership Application OR Fill out the On-Line application form
  4. Registration with GC-ARPSC is required to participate in any activities for liability reasons.
    • RACES Cards are required by GENESEE COUNTY, not MSCG Inc. or any of its affiliates.
    • RACES cards are only required for access to facilities controlled by the county.
    • Anybody and Everybody is invited and welcomed to participate anywhere they can.

Click here to view the GC-ARPSC volunteer application (PDF)

Participating with GC-ARPSC

Participating with GC-ARPSC normally starts with attending training meetings and/or Social Events. This is the fastest way for you to meet other GC-ARPSC volunteers and find out how we operate.

We also suggest checking into a MSCG Inc. sponsered weekly net on our repeater. This is a great time to get to know everyone.

Checking into an emergency net is not the time to introduce yourself. Emergency traffic will ALWAYS be accepted by any station, this is a great chance to sit back and listen to how we operate, not get to know everyone.

Volunteer Application
Click here to view the GC-ARPSC Volunteer application (PDF)

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