Receiving Traffic

Receiving Weather Traffic

1. When receiving weather reports accuracy is very important. Have reporting stations report any information that you may have a question about.  You must work closely with the MICON operator.

a) Don’t assume you heard correctly.

b) Be sure to find out if such figures as wind speed, amount of rain, and depth of snow are measured or estimated.

2.  During an actual severe weather event traffic on SKYWARN can become quite intense, hectic, and sometimes confusing.

  • When multiple calls are made to net control, write down their calls and respond with the order in which you desire to receive their information.  REMEMBER PRIORITY TRAFFIC ALWAYS COMES FIRST!
  • Remember, you are in control. Stations will follow you if you are professional and show confidence.

3.  Do not encourage operators to chase the storm.  Just remember to give updates of storm cell location by monitoring radar and receiving updates from MICON.

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