Net Op.Procedures

Net Operational Procedures

Listen to the Local Emergency Repeater (147.260) and report your location and availability to the NCS.

When operators check into the net or provide a report of some type their call sign and location must be provided to the NCS.

  • Standby for possible assignments to a specific location.
  • Go to assigned location and monitor the weather for all the severe weather criteria.
  • Report to NCS when on location.
  • Report only severe weather criteria. No “sunshine” reports.
  • Severe Weather Criteria as defined by the National Weather Service.
    • Thunderstorm wind gusts in excess of 58 mph*
    • Hail 1 inch or greater in diameter*
    • Wall Cloud, Funnel Cloud, or Tornado
    • Please indicate whether your report was Estimated or Measured

Net Notes

During weather activation, the Net Control Station (NCS) is in charge of a directed net. Lead Operator’s protocols may apply if there is a need. Do not engage in any transmission without permission from the NCS.

LISTEN constantly and especially before transmitting. Not only is this procedure, it is also good amateur practice. Think before you make your transmission. Keep your transmission professional during and after any net. The world is listening and they hear you.

NCS will give net check-in instructions and observation requests at the beginning of a net and repeat them as often as necessary to maintain control of the net. Stations should check into the net as instructed and report only those things that NCS has requested.

Once you have checked in to any net, do not leave that frequency without notifying NCS.

If you are given an assignment to be in a particular place like Genesee County 911 or Flint City 911 go there and stay there until released. Do not move from your position or your transmitter without notifying NCS unless you are in immediate danger. However, if you are at one of the dispatch centers and have been told to take shelter by the duty shift supervisor, only notify NCS that you are leaving your post if it can be done without interrupting the net. If the net is active and busy, do not notify NCS, just take shelter.

Do not check-in to the middle of a net Condition Yellow or higher, unless of course you have a true emergency.

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