The spotter network is usually activated whenever there is a threat of Severe Weather. This is usually preceded by the issuance of a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, Tornado Watch, Flood Watch or some other type of watch.

Skywarn will be activated under any of the following conditions:

  • Watch or Warning in Genesee County
  • Watch or Warning in NEIGHBORING Counties (Shiawasse, Livingston, Lapeer, Saginaw)
  • At the request of the National Weather Service

Genesee County Skywarn is activated through a number of means. The primary method being the Jimmy Hainer Repeater on 147.260mHz.

Activation methods are as follows:

  1. Tone-Out via the 147.260 repeater (DTMF: 1-4-9, QC-II: 349/600hz)
  2. Cellular Text-paging
  3. person-to-person phone calls as needed


Activation Procedures:

  1. Upon authorization from the National Weather Service a Control Operator will bring up the MACRO for the correct net.
  2. Within a reasonable amount of time the control operator shall notify the the SKYWARN Director, Deputy Director, or Assistant Deputy Director and inform them of the activation and what part of the county is included in the watch or warning
  3. Establish a NCS.  As operators check in to the net the NCS should log their location. The NCS shall also follow the SKYWARN procedures that are listed on the website.
  • The NCS should have access to the internet and a working computer if possible.
  • The NCS needs to have a base radio capable of reaching the 147.26 and the 147.100 on a consistent basis.
  • – During the SKY-WARN net the NCS shall conduct status checks on operators who they have not had any radio contact with the past 30 minutes.  This can be done at shorter intervals if the NCS deems it necessary.

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