Siren Testing

What are the sirens used for? Why do they need to be tested?  Take a look at this letter from the Office of Emergency Management which explains when the sirens are used.


  • Siren testing is done on the first Saturday of the month, at 1 pm.
  • Siren Testing runs from March through November.
  • Please try to check into the net between 1200 and 1300hrs to annouce your siren location.
  • The net operates on 147.260MHz. If you are not a licensed Ham radio operator, you are still welcome to participate by phone or text messaging your report. It is advisable you have a hand-held scanner to monitor 147.260 for information on the net.
  • See the official letter from Genesee County for the 2014 Testing Schedule.
  • Visit the Siren List to select Sirens.
  • Priority for Checking sirens is recommended as:
    1. “Unchecked”
    2. Not “Operational”
    3. Oldest ‘Checked Last’ first
    4. Any others
  • You may check any siren you wish, If you are willing to travel, please follow the above suggestions.
  • The sirens need to be checked as follows:
    1. The Siren horn rotates on it’s post.  (not ALL sirens rotate)
    2. For the first stage, the Siren exhibits an up-and-down wailing.
    3. For the 2nd stage, the Siren exhibits a steady blast.
      (There will be a slight up and down sound from the siren rotating)
    4. The siren blasts in the correct sequence.
    5. Anything else out of the ordinary.
  • Report your observations to the Net Control, or by SMS/phone to 810-545-7260 and have a nice day.

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