Midland School Balloon Launches

Thank you to all that have expressed interest in and have volunteered to help with Friday morning’s Midland School Balloon Launches.  The latest flight path computer models predict a north-to-south flight path; it’s not ideal for our purposes, but that is what is projected.  Of course, the flight path may change between now and Friday, but the models have been getting more consistent of late, so the current projection is looking more reliable.

Given the need to land the balloons and payloads in open fields for ease of location and recovery, we anticipate a launch from north of White Star (NE of Gladwin), with a projected landing near Breckenridge (SW of Midland).  This flight path would make RDF support from District 3 hams difficult if not unpractical.  FYI.

Feel free to monitor APRS tracking for the two balloons – W8MHS-11 and N8ERF-11 – via computer at APRS.fi.  Launch of both balloons (from the same location) is expected to occur at about 10 AM Friday morning (barring any unplanned changes).

For those truly resourceful (including you, N8OSL), attached is a South Area ICS-205 Event Comms Plan detailing the possible repeaters that we will use to coordinate Recovery Operations, as well as fox beacon frequencies and APRS designations.  Follow along on the repeaters, or even RDF and report your results to the controlling NCS.  REPLY to me ()  and I will notify you in a couple of days about important reporting protocol info, including which repeater we will use for NCS on Friday morning.

Thank you again for your interest in the Midland Schools Balloon Launch.


Dave Wallick, N8LBF

S Balloon Launch 2016 – 205 South.docx

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