May 28, 2013 Skywarn Debrief

To all Operators that participated in last nights sky warn

I want to thank all operators for their efforts in the sky warn activities last night . I also would like to thank the National Weather Service in Pontiac and the Micon team .

To let you know how it got started I’d like to tell you that’s, Rich Paulman who is the head meteorologists at the Pontiac office of National Weather Service Was watching the storms off to our west as there was no watches or warnings for any of these storms all the ingredients became so intense He had asked Ted N8zsa, To come down to the national weather service center He was very concerned with the storms hitting Shiawassee and Genesee County So Ted suggested sending out a page to bring up sky warn operators in the Shiawassee and Genesee co. When I got the page I quickly called Micon on the 440 frequency ,Ted explained to me the feelings of rich Poehlman So based on the suggestion of the national weather service I brought up net condition green . And quickly all the operators that could check in and started to get into their positions. As soon as I was Relieved of net control duties I reported to County 911. Remember at this time no watches or warnings had been posted, 911 was a little confused at my arrival Shortly after that KB8BMZ Reported a funnel cloud at Dalton airport Ted N8zsa Told me that when the meteor ologies at national weather service heard that report Was somewhat surprised They had just agreed on issuing a tornado Warning for that cell And we were already giving a funnel cloud report for it . Five or 10 minutes past That report The 911 center phone lines and police radios lit up 911 was passing the information that they were getting as soon as they could to me. At the same time the Amateur radio spotters were giving as many reports And were confirming or not confirming the reports coming in.

When the police officer in Mount Morris called in to the 911 center and said he had a touchdown , Things really started to roll The report start coming in all over the County .. Then coordination was called for the tornado in Mount Morris. All warnings were canceled at 10:15pm. But reports of damage and coordination was still on going, I had called Jennifer Boyer And asked if the EOC was going to be activated She’s told me yes but she was currently taking shelter in her basement because channel 12 had issued a warning for flushing But as soon as the storm had passed her place she called me at 11 o’clock And said that the EOC would be open at 11:30pm I pass that info to the fire coordinator at 911 At that time we started to coordinate info for the office of emergency management .

So that is the basics of what happened last night Some were complaining that some info was given when it should not have been Due to the fact that we had to nets on the same frequency and was getting reports for 911 and the office of emergency management I just think that it all went quite well under those circumstances When I returned home I looked at my phone and seen the email that I posted earlier So I thought that I would post it so that all could see the appreciation of how we operated last night.
So again I want to express my gratitude to all of the operators that participated great job!!

Dale Collins

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