August 2014 Siren Test

We’re on the verge of making history here in Genesee County.  We only have a handful of sirens left to check before we can say that we’ve checked them all, and that’s never been done before.  If you can come out and help make history, that would be great!  Remember, we still want to try and check them all twice before the years end.

Tim, KD8VUI will be taking early assignments during the Wednesday Night Net on 7/30.  If there’s an assignment you would like, check into the net and get it before someone else does!

We’re also going to try setting up a small get-together after the siren test.  All are welcome.  I believe the lunch location will be decided after the net.  Who knows, maybe this will become a monthly tradition.

Hope to hear you all on the air.  Remember, Saturday at 12:30, 147.26, 100Hz PL.


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