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What is GC-ARPSC?

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The primary purpose of the Genesee County Amateur Radio Public Service Corps. is to provide communications for public service in time of need. The role of GC-ARPSC is not to replace, but to augment existing communications systems. A communications emergency is said to exist when “customary communications” are interrupted or overloaded. GC-ARPSC will, to the best of its ability, provided needed communications for governmental and private agencies on request. All activities and communications are conducted under Part 97 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules and Regulations. Some of the many agencies we serve include:

Mission Statement

GC-ARPSC is a division of the Michigan Specialized Communications Group (MSCG) which is incorporated as a non-profit
organization under the laws of the State of Michigan. MSCG is organized exclusively for
charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section

  1. To contact the public and introduce them to Amateur Radio.
  2. To assist the public in training and obtaining an Amateur Radio license.
  3. To enhance the state of the art in radio communications.
  4. To promote organization activities which involve the public regardless of age, race, or sex.
  5. To promote emergency and public service communications.

MSCG Administration

  • The business of MSCG, Inc. is conducted using a Board of Directors in accordance with the MSCG, Inc. Bylaws adopted June 04, 2011. Except for rare occasions stipulated in the Bylaws, each director has a single vote to decide all issues taken up by the Board. At Board meetings, a minimum of three board members is required to constitute a quorum. The President does not have an active vote unless there is a tie.

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