Skywarn Commendation from Fellow Ham – May 2013


I want to commend you, your team, the spotters, the EOC, and all involved in tonight’s incident on a job well done. In fact, it was one of the most well-handled nets that I, as well as many others, have ever heard.

I am a Ham out of Toledo who also is a storm spotter/chaser, and have participated in many nets before. The coordination is second to none in all aspects of the entire operation. Considering that I am former assistant director of Lucas County (Toledo, OH) Skywarn, I commend you on better organization than what I was able to achieve.

Your broadcast was streamed over Broadcastify tonight, and was heard by numerous spotters, chasers, and media specialists. Each and every one that I talked to tonight spoke of how well everything was handled in a situation as you had on your hands. This was not only noticed in your backyard, essentially, but as far away as Atlanta, GA.

As I am aware, it is sometimes a thankless job. But given the lives that you and your team potentially saved tonight by doing the maneuvers that you did, I thank you. Many of my friends, colleagues, and business partners thank you as well.

We can all learn a lot from your organization.

Please pass this along to all involved tonight, as each and every one of them deserve the same recognition.


Michael Muckinhaupt / KT8UNA

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