2013 Disaster Drill

Title: 2013 Disaster Drill
Location: Bishop Airport
Description: Just a heads up, this year’s disaster drill will be at the airport , and for the first time it will be held at 6pm. on may 16th. This is something I have been asking for since 04 and they are finally doing it.
ATV will be a must and coordination will be called .

Extra batteries and vests will be needed . One thing that we will need to know is what our back up frequencies are because having a loss of a repeater during this dill (as we have done in the past) is something that need to be tested. O as a side note the state police may have the same test, it is being looked in to.

So far the positions i have are,
3 at eoc
2 at co.911
2 at city 911
2 at Mundy
1 IC.
1 prime staging
1 2nd staging
4 operations
2 net control
3 buss
3 hospitals
1 safety
5 for rotation

would like to see 4 ATV set up on seen 2 operators per ATV , ATV will need to be on seen before 6pm. to set up ..and an net control .
So 38 operators would be ideal for this drill .

I know this seem like a lot but in the past we have had as many as 26 operators during a drill and the was during the day when people were working , this time it will be at night , If need ( as in the past ) we will call on out co. operators .

I would like to start getting operators lined up and start having some training on proper procedures , like net control working at an 911 ,and working with the fire and police ..
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2013-05-16

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